7 Tips To Style an Off-Center Fireplace

Having an off-center fireplace can make it challenging to decorate. However, paying to move the fireplace is expensive and time-consuming, so here are some tips to get the most out of your fireplace’s placement.

Here are seven tips for styling an off-center fireplace:

  1. Turn it into a focal point.
  2. Create another focal point.
  3. Choose three large decorations for the mantle.
  4. Fill in the empty wall space next to the fireplace.
  5. Move furniture around the fireplace.
  6. Emphasize the imbalance.
  7. Decorate both sides symmetrically.

I’ll go over all of the above tips in more detail below! They’re easy to use, so you can get started on styling your fireplace right away. If you want to learn more, make sure to keep reading.

1. Turn It Into a Focal Point

First, you’ll want to make the off-center fireplace into a focal point. Even if it’s not in the middle of the room, focal points tend to look much nicer and more balanced. You get this feeling as if the fireplace ‘belongs’ there.

There are multiple ways to turn your fireplace into a focal point. It’s an easy method since fireplaces almost always naturally become the room’s focal point. Adding bold artwork and decorations to the mantle is the best point to start with. 

You also can paint the wall behind the fireplace to make it “pop” out more! The wall needs to be a stronger color that draws more attention to the fireplace; complementary colors work well to get this effect.

2. Create Another Focal Point

Additionally, adding another focal point on the same wall but at a reasonable distance from the fireplace makes the space look more balanced. Doing so expands the fireplace wall visually without you having to do any construction. 

Create another focal point by hanging a large piece of art on the wall. You can also make another focal point by moving your TV away from the fireplace. Plus, the fireplace can damage your TV– which you don’t want!

Placing large floor art along the same wall but opposite the fireplace is another option.

3. Choose Three Large Decorations for the Mantle

Decorating in threes helps create a stronger focal point and makes everything look better together. You cavalry the sizes of the objects, but larger ones tend to look best on mantles. This tip is also known as the rule of threes!

The rule of threes makes any space more memorable and appealing when compared to decorating in even numbers. 

You have many options when choosing decorations for the mantle. Many people use large candles, vases, paintings, flowers, sculptures, and more. You’ll want to check out what decorations you already have at home before spending new ones.

However, I recommend checking out the Dublin Home Decor Tray and Orbs Set from Amazon.com if you need styling ideas. The decoration is durable, comes in a set of three, and looks great on any fireplace mantle. The balls are very charming, and you’re sure to find a place for them at home.

4. Fill In the Empty Wall Space Next to the Fireplace

Do you have empty wall space next to the fireplace? If you do, you’ll want to fill it in with art and decorations. Doing so can make the wall feel more balanced, making the fireplace feel less off-center.

A large painting can add more visual interest and help fill in some of that wall space. However, you can also fill it with a gallery wall, family portraits, and art prints. You have plenty of options, so make sure that you find decor that’s meaningful to you.

5. Position Furniture Around the Fireplace

You can balance the fireplace by moving your furniture around in the room. You want to create a comfortable space near the fireplace. If you don’t have any furniture near the fireplace, it can feel shoved into the corner! Putting furniture around the fireplace makes it the new center of the room.

The furniture arrangement should be inviting and encourage conversations. Tilt chairs and sofas towards each other so that your family and guests will naturally feel inclined to talk to each other while relaxing beside the fire.

Overall, leaning the furniture towards the fireplace will make it feel less off-center. It won’t feel out of place, and there are plenty of ways that you can arrange the furniture! You can experiment and try different arrangements until you find one you like.

6. Emphasize the Imbalance

Another alternative is to make sure you embrace the imbalance! Emphasizing the placement makes it look much more intentional. Add decorations and furniture on and around the fireplace. You’ll want to focus on where the fireplace is, not on the room’s layout.

It might feel a bit chaotic at first, but embracing the imbalance can create a new, stronger focal point in the room. Fireplaces usually become the focal point naturally, but emphasizing it makes it look more intentional.

7. Decorate Both Sides Symmetrically

Lastly, decorating both sides of the mantle with symmetry in mind can help add more order to an off-center fireplace. This styling method is also straightforward to replicate. Simply decorate the left and right sides the same.

If you place a candle on one side, place one on the other side. You can break the rules to get a more natural-looking effect. However, symmetry will help add balance to the off-center placement of the fireplace.

If your off-center fireplace is bothering you, it’s probably because it’s not symmetrical. Many people feel bothered when things are slightly off-center, but styling it using symmetry can trick your mind into believing it’s perfectly centered. People like symmetry because it represents order- replicating these elements in the home can make you feel more at ease.

How Do You Decorate a Fireplace That’s Not Centered?

You’ll want to decorate an off-center fireplace to make it feel more balanced. You can extend the mantle into the center of the room then place decorations on this side. You also have space below it to put the logs and fireplace accessories.

It’s also good to hang wall art on the open space next to the fireplace to give the illusion that the fireplace extends across the wall. It’s also good not to clutter the mantle with small decorations.

Overall, you’ll want to focus on making the fireplace look like it’s in the right spot. Many people do this by ensuring the fireplace is a focal point. Choosing consistent decor and arranging the furniture carefully all help achieve this effect.

If the fireplace is non-functional, your options are even more. You could spruce it up by putting a bold decorative screen over it or placing a large vase full of flowers inside the fireplace. Your options are limitless and you can make it the focal point of your room with a little bit of creativity. 

Should a Fireplace be in the Center of the Room?

Your fireplace doesn’t have to be in the center of the room. It can be anywhere and still look fantastic- it all depends on how you decorate and style it. You can place other focal points in the room to make it feel more balanced.

You can still make it feel balanced no matter where your fireplace is. If you have a fireplace at home, you can’t be sure why the previous owners installed it where it is. While you can move it, this task can be pricey! It’s best to go with what you already have.

Plus, all fireplaces are beautiful. You’ll want to do some sprucing up to make the fireplace look “right” in the room, but you’re sure to enjoy owning one! Overall, your choices can make the fireplace feel like it’s in the center of the room- even when it’s not.

Is It Possible To Move a Fireplace?

It is possible to move a wood-burning fireplace. However, it’s not an easy task! You’ll need to hire a professional to do it. The process is time-consuming and very expensive. It’s not impossible, but it’s better that you embrace your existing fireplace!

You can change how you decorate your current off-center fireplace for a different impact. For example, simply moving furniture, decor, and changing the paint around the fireplace can make a huge difference! By creating visual balance, you’re sure to enjoy the fireplace you already have much more.

How Do Off Center Fireplaces Work?

Off-center fireplaces can work just as well as centered fireplaces. You’ll need to spend more time styling and decorating the mantle to get a better effect. You can also place bookshelves, or cabinets on the same wall.

It can take some getting used to, but many people who have off-center fireplaces love them! Once you learn the best ways to decorate it, the fireplace will feel very natural in the room. Overall, they work just as well as fireplaces in the center of your room. They still provide heat and make for a natural gathering spot in the home. 

Dan Westfield

Hi everyone! My name is Dan and I currently have two fireplaces, a wood-burning and a gas one. I cannot live without them and love to share my passion with you all!

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