How Much Do Fireplace Inserts Weigh (Answer With Numbers)

Fireplace inserts are a fantastic and easy way to install a fireplace in your home. As the name suggests, you can just ‘insert’ them, but you do need to carry them into your desired room. So that begs the question, how much do fireplace inserts weigh?

A wood stove typically weighs at least 300lbs and can get up to 800lbs (but potentially even higher). Gas inserts average in the middle of this range, and electric inserts are even less. The weight of any fireplace insert depends on factors such as the type of stove, the material it’s made of, as well as the model and manufacturer.

The exact weight of a fireplace insert will, of course, vary between model, brand, and material, but we’ll cover all that in this article! We’ll also briefly discuss how to move a fireplace insert best because they are quite heavy!

How Much Does A Fireplace Insert Weigh?

Fireplace inserts, also known as stove inserts, are the legless stoves that are inserted into an already existing fireplace opening. Their purpose is to provide a more efficient heating source than the original open-faced fireplace, as the freestanding inserts are closed off by glass doors.

On average, fireplace inserts weigh about 500lbs. Fireplace inserts are made of plate steel, cast iron, or both and have glass doors to keep the stove closed. They are often quite sizeable – large enough to protrude onto the hearth.

Due to the robust materials they’re made of, inserts are at least a couple of hundred pounds. This ranges from approximately:

  • Wood stove insert: Averages at 500lbs, ranges from 300lbs to 800lbs, but sometimes weighs even more
  • Gas stove insert: Averages at 400lbs
  • Electric stove insert: Ranges from 130lbs to upwards of 200lbs

These values are shipping weight values and don’t include any solid fuel inside them (such as wood logs, coal, gas logs).

This weight is made up of the ‘outer shell’, which is what you see on the outside. This is usually made with plate steel or cast iron, and there’s a glass door present as well. This glass door ensures you have a closed-off fireplace, which does two things.

  1. It closes off the firebox, leading to a more efficient flame, which warms a room better.
  2. It makes sure no embers fly in your room.

How Easily Can You Move A Fireplace Insert?

Moving your fireplace insert can prove to be challenging if you aren’t properly prepared. The job will require more than even just two men, so here are a few things to check you have in order before attempting to move your insert.

  1. Get some friends over – we recommend at least three, but more if possible, as inserts really are quite bulky, both in size and weight.
  2. Try to use a dolly – using a 4-wheeled flat dolly to aid your moving of the insert can significantly ease the load and help you from straining your back.
  3. Protection -if moving your fireplace insert a decent distance, consider some bubble wrap or a blanket to protect both the insert, and other furniture, from any potential damage. Also consider protecting your floor with something such as plywood for when the weight gets a bit much and you have to stop for an impromptu break.

These pointers are to ensure all aspects of moving your insert are safe, as dropping it accidentally could damage the insert, its surroundings, and yourself as well.

How To Move A Fireplace Insert

Now that you know what you need to have in check before moving your fireplace insert, here are some suggestions on how best to tackle the task at hand.

  1. Check that the intended path is fully unobstructed. This includes children and pets as well.
  2. Wear closed shoes to protect your feet from possible injury.
  3. Take care to remove any detachable parts to make the process easier, and reduce the risk of damaging any part of your insert. This includes any pipes, the doors, and the griddle (which can be removed using a screwdriver).
  4. Line the floor of your intended path with sheets of plywood.
  5. Use as many friends as you manage to gather to help lift the stove onto the plywood sheets to start carrying/ pushing it. Or, if lucky enough to have found a dolly, get your friends to help you to slide it onto the dolly. Move slowly whatever your means of transport is.

If moving your fireplace insert even with these guidelines seems an impossible task, consider getting a professional’s help. Especially if you need to move the insert from one building to another. Getting some professional transport help will be well worth the extra cash.

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