Cost Breakdown Of Making A Fireplace Functional Again

Whether you have an old fireplace that needs restoration or are looking to make one of your broken fireplaces functional again, it will cost you some money. But how much does it cost to make a fireplace functional again?

Fireplace restoration costs start at around $700 and can go as high as $3,500. Mason-built brick fireplace restoration can cost upwards of $5,000, while gas and electric fireplaces tend to be on the cheaper end. It mostly depends on how much work is required and the intricacy of the fireplace.

Upon knowing that your money will be well spent, keep reading to find out roughly how much to expect to dish out when restoring your fireplace, DIY hacks to increase the value it adds to your house, and much more.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Fireplace Functional Again?

Fireplace restoration costs can go upwards of $5000 at the high end but usually average out at around $1000-$2000. It all depends on the type of fireplace, the material, and the number of manhours involved.

Different types of fireplaces require different amounts of work and repairs, so restoration costs will vary. In short, there are 3 main types of fireplaces; wood-burning, electric, and gas, and all will have different costs.

Costs To Make A Wood-Burning Fireplace Functional Again

Repairs required to wood-burning fireplaces can be complex due to the number of different parts at work to ensure the safety of the overall device. Therefore, it is often best and required to get the help of a mason.

Potential repairs you may experience can be firebox rebuilding, fixture of loose mortar/ bricks, and chimney maintenance. Chimneys can be compromised by the elements over time, so it requires some upkeep once or twice a year.

All of these are vital to have repaired to keep all aspects of your fireplace safe, but be aware that masons typically charge by the hour, thus making it hard to estimate a cost for these sorts of repairs.

Below are some larger-project restoration guidelines:

Cost to restore an existing wood-burning fireplace:

  • $750 if using an existing flue
  • $1,575 with an existing chimney but new flue installed
  • $3,500 to install an external twin wall flue system
  • Smaller projects such as mortar repairs should be at maximum about $140

Cost to build a new wood-burning fireplace:

  • $1,230 with an existing flue
  • $2,055 with an existing chimney but new flue installed
  • $4,110 to install an external twin wall flue system

Potentially also applicable:

  • $3,500- $4,900 for a mason-built brick fireplace
  • $70- $100 per linear foot for a new engineered chimney
  • $100- $200 per linear foot for a new masonry chimney

Costs To Make A Gas Fireplace Functional Again

As gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, by nature, repairs and restoration are likely to be less involved. Potential areas of work can include failing pilot lights, foggy glass doors, and external issues with the thermostat control systems (when using your gas fire for heating).

Gas fireplaces are simple because almost all parts can be replaced if needs be, and the cost of refurbishment is typically less than those that come with wood-burning fireplaces. Therefore, hefty costs will only really be from converting an old decommissioned fireplace into a new gas one.

Cost to install a new gas fireplace:

  • $550- $1,370 for a non-chimney gas fireplace, with this cost including the supply and installation of your fitting
  • Projects involving gas lines will set you back further, probably costing closer to $2,000
  • $750- $1,000 for a gas log kit, with ventless gas logs likely to cost you roughly $200 more than vented gas logs

Costs To Make A Electric Fireplace Functional Again

Electric fireplaces are the lowest maintenance fireplaces, providing aesthetic with minimal effort to upkeep. Therefore, there are very few repairs your electric fireplace will ever need, besides maybe needing a light bulb replaced and wires inspected occasionally. You could also run into some issues with the heating system as well.

It follows that the only real cost to an electric fireplace will be if installing a brand new one.

Cost to install a new electric fireplace:

  • This can range hugely depending on your budget, but an average for these inserts sits at around $2,750
  • The average range is roughly $1,000 to $4,000
  • The minimum for those with low budgets can be about $650
  • The maximum for those with higher budgets can soar to almost $8,000

While the above figures are researched estimates and guidelines, don’t forget that costs of fireplace restoration will vary depending on existing fireplace condition, level of current damage, where you live, and business during the time of year.

Additionally, specialty designs and intricate stone/ woodwork will require consultation and close communication with your restorer, which will cost you more than a basic repair/ installation.

Also, not every business asks for the same hourly rate, so keep in mind that the price points can vary.

Does A Fireplace Add Value To Your Home?

Fireplaces add value to your house, increasing profit if you sell your house later down the line. Homeowners can typically expect to make back 100% of any investment in restoring/ installing a fireplace when selling. The National Association of Real Estate Appraisers adds that fireplaces can increase the resale value of a house by as much as 6-12%.

There are also a couple of DIY ways you can make your fireplace even more appealing such as:

  • Add some paint to make your fireplace look new and refreshed
  • Turn simple brick into a more modern stone look or cover with tiling
  • Add a wooden mantel for displays above your fireplace

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